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Call us when you need St Augustine Grass!

St. Augustine Grass is a great warm weather option for those along the coast, thriving in the humid climate of the U.S. from Soouth Carolina to some parts of northern Texas. St. Augustine Grass is one of the most commons turfs in our area, gorwing well ho home or business lawns.

When you are looking for sod for sale in Houston, St. Augustine Grass is a great choice! The grass can only be started vegetatively, which means that seeds perform poorly and sod is the primary method of growing the grass. At Brokers Grass Houston, we have plenty of St. Augustine sod for sale and can give your home or business lawn a beutiful, full turf that will survive the tough summer heat.

St. Augustine Grass has good shade tolerance and will form a dense turf in most southern soils. The grass will go dormant in the winter months, but it will come back in full force once the soil temperature returns above 55-60 degrees. Make sure to properly water your St. Augustine Grass year-round, however, as the grass can be suceptable to poor drought tolerance.

Take a look below at some of our beautiful St. Augustine Grass for sale and contact us today for more information on any of them! We are ready to get you the Houston sod you are looking for, so don't delay!

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st. augustine grass


  • Most popular turf grass
  • Use for Residential and Commercial sites
  • Cold Hardy St. Augustine
  • Medium Green color, wide leaf blade
  • Shade Tolerant
st. augustine

Del Mar

  • Very Cold Tolerant
  • Grows Well In Full Sun
  • High Shade Tolerance
  • Superior Emerald Green Color
  • Maintains Excellent Winter Color

Palmetto St. Augustine

  • Densely Spreading Variety
  • Aggressive Growth Habit
  • Rich, Dark Green Color
  • Primarily use for Residential and Commercial sites
  • Performs Well In Sun And Shade
  • Massive root system, which makes it drought and cold tolerant.


  • The most shade tolerant grass available
  • Medium texture, smaller blades than Raleigh & Palmetto
  • Dark Green color, slightly darker than Raleigh
  • High weed resistance
fj select


  • Drought Tolerance Good
  • Slow vertical growth
  • Excellent green color
  • Good heat tolerance
  • Moderate shade tolerance
  • Wear Resistance Fair