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These varieties are used in specialty situations, and require different care than regular Bermuda grasses. Please speak with our customer service group to decide whether these are appropriate for your project.



Topsoil is composed of soil containing a high amount of organic material that is rich in nutrients. Most topsoil contains various amounts of clay, sand and silt. Topsoil comes from the topmost layer of the Earth's surface.

The composition of topsoil varies according to where it is collected. Each type of topsoil has a unique mixture of earth, organic materials and soil nutrients. The texture of quality topsoil tends to be fine compared to general dirt, which can be lumpy. Topsoil consisting of mostly clay retains a high level of moisture, which is suitable for plants in dry heat areas where water is scarce.

1. TOP SOIL: soil containing a high amount of organics materials rich in nutrients.

2. BANK SAND: Basic sand that has a yellowish color to it. Used for fill material or to build a base under concrete. No nutritional value.



mulch family

Mulches are used as a soil covering, for a variety of reasons: Water preservation (moisture retention), Heat trapping Create pathways, Weed prevention and control, Protecting roots from fluctuating and extreme temperatures, and to help control soil erosion

1. Hardwood: two year aged mulch with very fine pieces made from hardwood trees. Dark Chocolate Brown in color.

2. Black Mulch: the coloring used in our Black Mulch is non-toxic and perfectly safe for plants, animals and children. Great for landscaping beds.

3. Red Mulch: Provides an excellent covering for planting beds. Red Mulch provides a great color contrast in your landscaping beds. Non-toxic.

red mulch
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